Yousef Dave

Yousef Dave

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I am Yousef Dave, An ever evolving artist. Music is a language that spreads across seas and throughout cities. My goal is to reach as many people as I can with what I love most... The art of music. I am a genre blender: Using the likes of gospel, blues, hip-hop, and r&b. Having hints of rock and jazz. I also go under the moniker #ProducedByYD having produced my project Creation, along with mixing and mastering. I am aiming to branch into all facets of art, which brings me to Slim (My Clarinet) one of the first instruments featured in my works and definitely not the last. I also have a podcast called YousefSTooP consisting of All Growed Up, Love Is a Garden, & HealTEA as segments. My goal is to share my experiences with whoever I encounter and hopefully give them something that resonates... My highest loves are God & music. I do not curse in my works and encourage those I work with to do the same. Growth is always the highest aim. 

Amen :)



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