Tom Charchuk

Tom Charchuk

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Tom Charchuk Bio Driving with pop-rock sensibilities and a poetic, observational songwriting style, artist and musician Tom Charchuk has amassed an impressive catalogue of achievements on the indie scene. Inspired by the greats, smoothly blending rock and country tones amidst an organic instrumental set-up, Tom’s music brings together nostalgia and now in a seamless, catchy fashion. From early beginnings, learning bass at a young age, Tom Charchuk consistently turned towards music – progressing and perfecting his skills with various instruments; including his voice. Having mastered his vocal styling over time, his catalogue now celebrates appearances on respected collaboration projects. From Plush Records, ‘Cotton Fields To Nashville’ - a tribute to Johnny Cash – to ‘Wagon Masters Music Group’, his name stands tall amidst many other great indie artists of our time. Tom’s finely honed vocals featured on the single ‘Read Your Letter’, which was awarded top honours on Music World Radio, and held tight to a spot on the European Alternative Top Twenty for four months. Far from a stranger to accomplishments, Tom’s dedication to and passion for songwriting achieved him immense success with his original single ‘Why Are You A Storm’ - a memorable, bright and uplifting song, which was deservedly featured on American Bandstand. The same platform later promoted another song of Tom’s at the Midem Music Convention over in France. Continuing to balance creativity with hard work and dedication, July 2019 saw Tom’s music featured on ‘Emerge’ – an artist showcase programme presented via the Phoenix Radio Network. August of that same year saw Tom produce an instructional, reflective video for Music.Com, entitled “How I got inspiration for one of my songs ‘Better Love Is Real’”. Thriving amidst a life-long passion for music, Tom Charchuk understands the importance of perfecting his craft. With performances currently booked at multiple venues across his local scene, Tom is taking further vocal lessons and songwriting coaching building on his abilities, immersing himself in the art-form, and consistently dedicating himself to the process. Tom recently got awarded as a finalist in the Winter 2020 for his song “Keeping It Together” from the World Songwriting Awards.



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