The River Dragon

The River Dragon

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Husayn “Puge” Ruhe is a singer, songwriter, guitarist, voice over actor and producer based out of New Orleans. Born in Nashville TN, Husayn (affectionately called "Puge" by his friends and family) has been involved with music since childhood. A professionally trained audio engineer and prolific song writer, he has a unique understanding of both writing and producing quality music. He was a founding member of the NYC blues outfit Juneteenth. Currently his projects include Nada Sadhana, The River Dragon and Wolven Cub Sorcery. John Burnett Jr. hails from Bay St. Louis, Mississippi. A self-taught 5-string electric bassist, he is a founding member of The River Dragon and brings a Delta Southern greasiness to the rhythm section that is both undeniable and engaging . He is also a founding member of the Hip Hop outfit Gumbo. Warren Coker is a native New Orleans multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and composer. He is a decade long veteran of the local music scene with a wide range of styles including blues, reggae, funk, metal, and psych rock playing in an array of bands such as Tattered Rabbit, First Fracture, and A Paradox Theory.



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