The Real Ben Wilkinson

The Real Ben Wilkinson

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Ben Wilkinson, music producer. Born in May of 1982, believe it or not I weighed no more than a bag of sugar and was born 10 weeks early. I'm also the youngest of three siblings. Born in the Capital city of England - London and grew up in the English Riviera, I'd say that is two completely different worlds apart. A Husband to an extraordinary woman who loves and supports me all the time and a father of two boys, I wouldn't want it any other way. Music is a massive influence on my life, my tastes in music has changed over time. My first big music love was Queen, I've enjoyed so many of their creations, however my favourite is The Show Must Go On. I then started to like other music such as Pink Floyed, Jameriqui, Nirvana, Doors and Evanescence. However the music I became deeply in love with is Electronic music my guilty pleasure was Sash. As a Teenager I liked Sascha Lappessen's music. It wasn't until I was going to be hitting my adulthood that I found my ultimate music love that is Trance music to be precise. This style of music has had me ever since I Iistened to System F Out Of the Blue by Ferry Corsten. In my Teens I started to learn to play music on the Piano. This became one of my most favoured passions and loved playing some of the great Classical works by Ludwig Van Beethoven. When at School I played two of Beethoven's pieces Fur Elise and even more impressively Moonlight Sonata. When I played Moonlight Sonata that had given me one of the greatest feelings in music I could have ever had. The room was filled with applause that I received after playing this piece, I could not put into words how this made me feel. It wasn't until I became an adult in my mid to late twenties I started becoming familiar with making music on a Digital Audio Workstation. After several years playing with this DAW and going to a production course at Point Blank Music School in London. It became clear to me that I did have a skill that was in Music Production. So after some more years of practice, practice, practice I was making what I call serious music. Which people around me started to like and enjoy. It became very noticeably clear to my family and friends they were telling me to do more with my music. My music journey entered a new level with the introduction to El3ctroFaM for where my music was going to take its most successful route. The El3ctroFaM really has given me such a confidence boost and since joining the team has very much welcomed me and helped others around understand the Ben Wilkinson brand. I owe them a lot of thanks for what they have done. Without them my dreams would have not been able to come true. My music journey will continue.



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