Terrence & The Optimistics

Terrence & The Optimistics

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Terrence & The Optimistics were frozen in the late 70’s and were recently thawed out to fight the evil Dr Depresso, who is holding the world to ransom for 1 million billion dollars by threatening to release another decade of sad and depressing music unless his demands are met. Having not lived through and experienced much of the recent sexual revolution, their music is still full of sexy disco dance themes from the 70’s. However, they believe their music is truly futuristic sounding as it has a groovy 80’s disco/alt-rock vibe. The freezing of the band was quite by accident. Some say Terrence got into the dog tucker freezer after a heavy night of drinking rocking out with the Optimistics. He was looking for somewhere to take a nap and the band just followed him in. No one really noticed until the farm was sold and the dog tucker freezer got emptied out. A few hours with a blow dryer later and everyone was fine. Lucky for the world, the band thought it was just another day after a great gig. So, now the party continues...



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