Kireina Michan

Kireina Michan

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As long as she can remember, Kireina Michan (a.k.a. Ale) enjoyed listening to music and singing along to her favorite songs. She studied piano for some years when she was a child, but in a discontinuous manner. Moving from Spain to Tokyo in 2017 was the moment when she decided to make music one of the main components of her new life. She started playing drums in a punk-rock band, and she had fun playing informally in jam sessions and some open mics.
Whilst her focus in music increased, she also reconnected with an old passion: poetry. She realized what a great instrument music is to connect and transmit the deepest feelings contained in the words. So she joined a rock band as a singer and lyricist. She fell in love with the feeling of putting words to the music. She started taking singing lessons in February 2019, leaving the drumsticks for the new challenges of the vocal mics.
For different reasons, her rock band broke up, but she kept working on her singing skills and started to establish online collaborations with different artists. Nowadays she is working in projects of all sorts of styles and finding her own voice.
She even got her first paid project as a singer.
When she asks her listeners and collaborators why they feel attracted by her voice, they commonly explain that is because it is honest, trustful to the message and sweet.
You are just a click away to hear it for yourself.
Apart from her work as an artist, Kireina Michan promotes independent musicians on social media platforms. She wants to help talented artists to advance further in their careers. For that reason, she has recently started to study a Professional Degree in Artist Management and Music Business in Berklee College of Music. She also writes music reviews and she is setting up a web space where she can put together all of her musical projects.