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I started making music in my bedroom like most nowadays then got a break Djing in Ibiza which I did happily for a number of years. I had to take a break for personal reasons but all that time something inside was trying to make it's way out into the wider world, I think it was a normal tuesday in October 2016 when as hard as I tried I couldn't keep that something inside any longer & Karnevor was born. Now I can't help myself the sounds in my brain have to get made & that can be House, Techno, Hip Hop even a bit of Metal  I can't seem to stick to one genre but hey who likes being stuck in one box....not me so now I use my music as a force for good breaking down barriers between creed, colour, religion any stereotype I can find really so I hope you enjoy all the different places I'm gonna take you MUSICALLY ! Always Something Different!



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