Jomar Roberto

Jomar Roberto

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Hi, I am Jomar, an alternative indie singer-songwriter and producer from Puerto Rico. Music is a part of me which I had been and still being connected with since I was 11 years, first of all I started being in a child concert choir when I was 11 years in my hometown since then I been singing all my life, then at the age of 13 years I started to join the concert choir at my specialized music school at my hometown. Then I was admitted by auditioning to a piano and vocal class when I was 14 years, then at the age of 16, I moved from my island Puerto Rico to the USA, then at the high school I attended I auditioned again to enter into their Concert Choir, since then now I feel more connected day by day to sing and writing the lyrics of my songs freely. And now I compose, produce, write and sing my original creations. I can play the piano, violoncello, and obviously my voice, also I can speak 3 languages Spanish, English and French. Music for me is a blessing, is my biggest talent, my most intimate connection between my heart and the world, music for me is healing, is the way the feelings can be heard, is the most beautiful way to connect yourself into art. So, many of you can be questioning what style of music Jomar do or which type of lyrics he write, or what type of music he produce? Well, one thing you need to know about my music and me, is that my music has not a definite style of music, it is eclectic, it is future faced but it doesn’t have one genre that defines my style or how I sing, write, compose or produce. My music is diverse same are my lyrics, my music can speak in so many ways, like my concept of music is universally, it doesn’t have categories, I write from my heart, I put so much effort and quality on my music, that it can’t be defined by one word because I am inspired by what is happening at the moment and what memories my mind is thinking. So my music range varies from era to era, is different every time I do something, but my signature style makes every era unique by my own. I have a lot of experience in music since a young age and all I can really say, is that you can feel every emotion in every word that I sing or rap in my music, because I do it by my heart, by raw feelings, by many perspectives but with only one purpose and mission to create impact with the people who hear my music, to make them feel connected. For example Music for me is the most natural creation of art in the world and that is why I am so passionate about it, because with my melodies, harmonies, beats, production, singing and lyrics I can explain all that is happening in my life without narrating a bunch of stories and that is why I don’t classify my music. And every single story I spilled in my lyrics are real, inspired by true events and my vision of the world. I love music and my biggest dream is that my voice can be heard...! I love, respect and admire art because it can express my love for helping people thru music, that’s all, that is my story...!



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