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It all started in the early 90s, after djing at a few venues Hootgun was asked to get involved with a local techno outfit called "Ibibio". This continued for a 2 years, with 3 self released 12" E.Ps before it fizzled out and they went their separate ways.But not before the name "Hootgun" was born. Hootgun was a blend of two samples on an Akai S3000 sampler. Hootguns Dj sets slowly started to include more hip hop, funk, trip-hop and rock tracks which lead to him learning guitar and subsequently bass too. After a few years playing in local indie rock and punk bands (as well as producing tracks for fun) , a chance meeting with former Ibibio member and established Dj/producer Mark Franklin lead to the formation of "Mudita", a 3 piece, chilled out, soundscape, electronica band. Since then, all skills learned and influences taken on board have come together to what is now a one man production outfit known as Hootgun. Not planning on changing the world, not sticking to any sub genre, Hootgun is loving the artistic freedom that modern electronic music provides



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