High Hyena

High Hyena

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“What do I want to do” I ask myself. I just want to be heard, to make people move and hopefully bring a smile to their face. I want to make music that resonates with people, they listen and they interpret it in their own unique way. To them it means something, reminds them of a moment or they just relate to it. When you hear that song and it makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, it gives you a buzz. Because you associate it with an event, a time, a place. A feeling of euphoria. I hope my Dance/ EDM/House songs make those hairs stand up. 
 26th September and What I See was released; 1 week later BBC Radio York Introducing made it their record of the week and were likened to Underworld and The Chemical Brothers. 
 13th March 2020 saw the release of our latest track How You Make Me Feel. An energetic feel good piano house dance track with the amazing vocals of Claire Adele and also a remix by Hootgun. Reach Up!! 
 The thumping Bass house, Piano house banger was released and it landed with a bang. With nearly 20k streams to date, 75 playlist adds, shares to Future House Cloud Radio and plays on Kane FM and BBCintroducing York. Made with collaboration from Diamond Lounge and the track having been mixed by Lucas Michalski of Lumic Studios... What’s next. 
 7th September 2020 saw Get Into It being dropped. A feel good retro/tech house number. Mix and master by LGTWO Mixing & Mastering services. Why not follow the rise of a new exciting dance act and let your imagination run riot.