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Bryan Ross also known as gwalla started off as a underground hip hop artist making music with his friends in the basement in Fort Myers, Florida. At the age of 13 years old he recorded his first mix tape on a cassette tape. Growing up in the projects known as Michigan links in fort Myers florida He was inspired by the lifestyle that he grew up in, surrounded by drugs,murder, robberies and poverty. As Bryan Ross began to develop into the artist that we all know today as gwalla he dealt with many obstacles like going to jail, being locked up prison, and being shot hospitalized. gwalla still chased his dreams on becoming a successful hip-hop artist. As of today gwalla has Release multiple singles on all Streaming platforms. He hasn't released any albums yet but he says " a album will be dropping soon". So make sure you guys look for the up and coming hip hop artist. His sounds are more original than anything, he takes you back to the 90s when hip-hop was more pure.



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