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Ethr3 is an anomaly. He will tell you, “Music gives me freedom for the future, and at times takes me right into the past. Sometimes I am not sure what I am creating at the time, it’s the music that literally runs through my veins and in my soul, so I let it take me wherever it goes.” says the Seattle based artist, musician, DJ and producer. The evolution of Ethr3 began during his childhood: infatuated with all genres of music. Music was the only universal language that brought comfort. As a young musician, Ethr3 picked up the bass and spent countless years in local bands from rock to country which enabled him to tour the globe, solidifying his passion for the power of music. As he found his rhythm, the universe changed. Influenced by such greats as; Ulrich Schnauss,Sasha, Geddy Lee,Sting, Chris Cornell, Vangelis and impacted by iconic groups from The BeeGees to Soundgarden. Ethr3 expanded his unique artistry of writing and producing sound as the musical direction shifted to his love of Electronic Dance Music, encompassing Drum- N -Bass, Seattle House, and Trance with a sprinkle of Progressive, capturing the true essence of his expansive musical repertoire. His new EP “The Sound That Shook The Ground” highlights the groovy and progressive artistry of Ethr3’s music infusing a unique sound of many electronic genres. The idiosyncratic vibe remains unique, yet matured, with an ever changing evolution of song writing, sound design and experimentation of arrangements and production, all wrapped up in one. Ethr3 continually elevates interpretive, rhythmic and technical artistry. The very place where high-spirited electronic music collides with innovative expression.



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