D.J. Crazy Ant

D.J. Crazy Ant

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D.J. Crazy Ant is from Port Chester, N.Y. and is a U.S. Marine Corps. Veteran, infantry/0311. His love for music started at a young age. He started spinning vinyl about 18 years ago. He was the last of all his DJ friends to make the switch to digital vinyl. He has spent many years playing at many local clubs/bars and at special events playing all different genres of music but his passion is House and EDM. He has spent a lot of time developing his own sound and creating his own music. For him it’s “All About the Blends”. The music he plays whether its new sounds or old school you can’t help to get on that dance floor. Even if you just want to chill and relax you will find yourself nodding your head or tapping your feet to the beats. D.J. Crazy Ant’s aspiration is to DJ all over the world.



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