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CJG, born and raised in Louisiana, is a versatile rap artist who flexes his skill on every track. Being from the south, he was influenced by Mc’s such as; UGK, 8 Ball and MJG, Pastor Troy and Z-Ro. If you listen to his music that southern influence shines through clear as day, but he wants to be known as more than just another southern rapper. He pours his heart into his rhymes and you hear it on the tracks. After years of grinding in the rap game, he has become a respected MC in Louisiana. From the time he dropped his hit single “Just Do It”, he has been ripping tracks. He shows the ability to be vulnerable on tracks such as; “Gotta Stay Calm”, “What I Did Before”, and “Sober” from his mixtape “Mr. Bad Attitude.” Tracks like “What U Made Foe” and “On Me”, show his versatility behind the microphone. CJG prides his self on his ability to be lyrical and still make great music. An example of this is on his track “Love is a Drug.” From the club to the streets, he provides music that can resonate with a wide audience. His audience has been steadily growing over the years because of the music he puts out and the grind he exhibits. Mixtape after mixtape, CJG provides his fans quality tracks that so many people can relate to. He continues to work hard to provide his fanbase the music that have come to expect from him. CJG’s mixtape “Mr. Bad Attitude” paints a picture of exactly who he is as a MC. He welcomes you into his world and shows you all the things in Louisiana that shape his rhymes. CJG’s catalog is long and contains some amazing music for anyone who is a fan of rap music. Check out his music and you won’t be disappointed.



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