Brian Jin

Brian Jin

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Brian Jin is a Missouri-based songwriter who has had success with Barley Station, continues his musical journey. Brian's artistic roots run deep, mastering the genres of folk and Americana. As he has grown and matured as an artist, his journey has touched on the blues, rock, and even EDM. No matter where life has taken him, Brian has carried the music with him; collaborating with colleagues from day professions as well as connecting with students at the collegiate level of performing arts. Brian continues to use life's trials and tribulations, successes and struggles, and with exquisite execution, transform them into song. No matter what genre Brian feels translates his emotion best, the multi-instrumentalist/vocalist delivers in a sincere, heartfelt manner which touches the listener at a level of authenticity rarely found in today's musical climate. Brian invites you to take this life journey with him. While his catalogue is a reminder of where he's been, the magic is where he might take you next.



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