Atari Jones

Atari Jones

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Cleveland Native, Atari Jones is not your regular rap artist, 24 years of age and “ Lead Artist “ to record label Lawless Inc, Atari presents a new wave for all listeners. Starting at a young age, he was into poetry, which in his later teen years formulated into making songs. Gaining a lot of internet attention and "overseas love" Atari Jones stands out among many. One of his biggest hits being with Tel Aviv producer, Yarin Lidor, to a Miguel remix of the girl with that tattoo also sampled by party next door, and another hit being from soulection producer, Sango, the original remix, spiraled him into internet popularity. Atari is sure to make a big impression on the music world. Atari is also the founder of the IndieStonerRapgenre and the  internationally recognized #WomenAreArt Series which "Empowers Women in an artistic sensual light, while showing them off as art through the use of photography capturing different angles, poses, in sensual attire, contrasted against different settings / environments & lightings, to bring a fantasy feel to the visual.



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